Jimmy Buffett’s new cookbook will help you grill and chill

Say what you want about Jimmy Buffett (and I will?I can’t stand his music), but the man knows how to make a buck. (And it’s not genetic?contrary to what many believe, he is not related to Warren Buffett.) But Buffett (the Jimmy one) has transformed the art of the three-minute pop song into an easy listening empire, with restaurants (i.e. “Margaritaville Caf?” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, both named after his songs), Land Shark Lager beer, “Margaritaville” video games, and finally, as a perfect example of catering your audience, a billion-dollar retirement village called “Latitude Margaritaville” that’s currently being built in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Jimmy Buffett is also no stranger to publishing, as he’s written several novels, memoirs, and even children’s books. (I would like to see how “Magaritaville” would translate into a bedtime story.) And now Eater.com reports that he’s signed a deal with St. Martin’s Press to publish a cookbook, “Margaritaville The Cookbook: Relaxed Recipes for a Taste of Paradise.” The co-authors are Margaritaville?s “concept chef” (?) Carlo Sernaglia and Julia Turschen, and its pub date is May 1, 2018 in hardcover and e-book versions. So when life gives you fins to the left and fins to the right, make shark stew. (Note: I do not know if shark stew is in the cookbook.)

Photo courtesy of Men’s Journal.


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