Yoga, a cookbook, a guitar shredder, and me

When a chef from a yoga retreat where I met a guitar god signs a deal for a largely vegetarian cookbook, that catches my attention.

Lots going on in that sentence, so let’s go through it point by point.

Publishers Marketplace is reporting that Jeremy Rock Smith, executive chef at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, sold a cookbook at auction to Ballantine. “THE KRIPALU KITCHEN: Conscious Cooking for Body and Soul, a cookbook featuring 100 deeply-satisfying recipes that help home cooks recreate the healing power of Kripalu’s most popular dishes and that celebrates the Center’s personalized approach to nutrition,” the website states.

Kripalu settled at it’s current Stockbridge, MA location in 1983. The organization’s website states that “Kripalu has the distinction of being the first, and possibly the only, yoga center in North America to survive the transition from a traditional guru-disciple structure to a secular, all-inclusive center for yoga, health, wellness, and lifestyle change.”

Now, as someone who is stiff as a board and can barely bend down to tie my shoes, it might seem a bit odd for me to know about a yoga retreat. But I learned about the place from guitar hero Steve Vai.

Vai has a lot more going on in his head and life than your stereotypical rocker. He is intensely spiritual and a true “seeker” in his approach to existence on this planet. He offered a guitar masterclass at Kripalu and I tagged along to interview him for my book Power Chord: One Man’s Ear-Splitting Quest to Find His Guitar Heroes.

I don’t recall there being any meat at Kripalu when I was there, but their website says they now offer poultry and fish as protein options. The food was good, I do recall that, so I’m sure that Smith’s cookbook will do well. Certainly, it will bring back memories of my time with one of the most innovative guitar players of all time.

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