Ravenmasters and cults

A couple of cool book deals caught my attention this week, via Publishers Marketplace.

First up, how cool would it be to have “ravenmaster” on your business card? Seems that’s a real job and Christopher Skaife has it. He had previously signed a book deal back in March and just added some international deals this week. The full detail of the book is “Ravenmaster at Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London Christopher Skaife’s BISCUITS AND BLOOD: MY LIFE WITH THE RAVENS AT THE TOWER OF LONDON, an account of everyday life caring for the notorious birds at England’s most famous national monument, weaving in the history and lore associated with the Tower, the behavior of the ravens who call it home, and how these unique animals have changed the Ravenmaster’s life.”

Secondly, who doesn’t like a good cult story? I certainly do. Looks like we might be able to gain a better understanding of the dynamic that fuels cult participation with ?Tara Isabella Burton’s STRANGE RITES: CULTS AND SUBCULTURES AFTER THE DEATH OF GOD, arguing that cultic behavior is a natural human response to times of crisis and religious doubt and analyzing contemporary “cults” from Internet fandom to wellness junkies, the modern occult to the alt-right.”

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