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The Dirt: Filthy

Let me start with two things: 1) I’m glad I don’t have to code this post, because the amount of ö and ü I’d have to type in this band’s name would drive me to an insane life of unabashed hedonism, and 2) I wish I had to code this post. But seriously folks, although…

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The last Yiddish bookstore in New York City

With so many Jewish-Americans living in New York City, and with Yiddish being a language that?s still very much alive, one would think there would be at least a few Yiddish bookstores dotting the metropolitan area. But there?s only one?CYCO (pronounced ?SEE-koh?) Publishing House, located in Long Island City, Queens, an area that, while not…

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Round Up of Hard Rock Books

Yesterday, we discussed the deluge of books related to hard rock and heavy metal. Whereas the prevailing attitude used to be that rockers don’t read, it now appears that anyone with a Marshall amp stack can get a book deal. And even if you don’t have a massive stack of amplifiers, you can still sell…

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