Thanks for the Discussion


Last week’s post about Why People Hate Self-Published Authors generated more email than any other item on We also had a good number of comments from a variety of opinions on the subject. Many people offered well-argued opinions both for and against self-publishing.

My own take remains that there is not a single thing wrong with self-publishing as long as it’s done realistically and reasonably. However, I get frustrated with the small percentage of self-published authors who act like it’s tantamount to winning the Nobel Prize.

What I really want to talk about here, however, is my gratitude to you, dear readers, for your intelligence and civility. I like a barroom brawl as much as the next person, but Internet discussions too frequently plunge into sixth-grade-quality personal attacks, threats, and general boorish behavior.  Yet with a topic as controversial as self-publishing, all the commenters and emailers remained articulate, thoughtful, and there wasn’t an “I’ll kick your ass” or “my daddy can beat up your daddy” to be read. You all passionately debated the topic, raised the level of discourse beyond simplistic good or bad designations, and illustrated many persuasive opinions.

And for that, I thank you.

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