Real Estate Buyers Don’t Care About Beat Authors

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Jack Kerouac’s former Hyannis, MA home sold for $300,000 after five months on the market. Ida Perry, one of the buyers, said she wasn’t familiar with Kerouac’s work. The house was originally listed at $356,000 and was assessed at $322,000.

The author of 1957’s classic On the Road lived in the house in 1966. Kerouac also married his third wife in the house.

Reports indicated that the famous literary connection did not increase the sale price nor shorten the amount of marketing time.

So possibly the moral of the story to all you writers out there is to take a page out of the William Faulkner handbook and outline parts of your novel on the walls. It should increase the sale price if you’re lucky enough to land a literary buyer. Or, else, they’ll just think some damn smart kids were drawing on the walls.

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