How to Win a Famous Card Game

How to Win the World Series of Poker (or Not) : An All-American Tale

I’m almost scared to post this, because if you even think the word “poker” while typing on a website, then the bots pick it up and spam floods in promising quick tips and online gambling opportunities. Some of them even promise to help fix your flops in the bedroom while teaching you how to handle the flop in a card game.

But this post is worth the risk since I’m hearing great things about Pat Walsh’s How to Win the World Series of Poker (or Not): An All-American Tale. The book isn’t scheduled for release until the end of May, but hip galley-toting readers have been emailing me with testimonies of the book’s excellence. It sounds great and people are really enjoying it. Now, to be honest, there’s no way I can post the Amazon link and pretend that I didn’t read the main review accompanying it. 

Sure, some critics evidently didn’t care for Walsh’s new one. But the fact is that he authored one of the few truly useful how-to books on writing and publishing: 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published and 14 Reasons Why It Just Might. For that reason alone, I’m willing to ignore one lukewarm review. Folks are telling me his new poker book is good and I know Walsh is a good writer. That’s enough for me.

This is definitely a book I’m adding to my reading list for the near future.

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