The Lens on JT Leroy Begins to Focus


Something else from the New York Times

Recently, there has been more conversation about the identity of JT Leroy than I care to recount. However, in today’s New York Times, there is an article entitled The Unmasking of JT Leroy: In Public, He’s a She by Warren St. John that seems more definitive, more concrete, and in some ways, more damning than all the previous speculation.

I’ll leave you with a sense of mystery and let you read St. John’s article yourself. But here’s a quote from Ira Silverberg, Leroy’s literary agent, that gives a good indication of the backlash that might happen if this whole thing turns out to be a ruse. “To present yourself as a person who is dying of AIDS in a culture which has lost so many writers and voices of great meaning, to take advantage of that sympathy and empathy, is the most unfortunate part of all of this,” Mr. Silverberg said. “A lot of people believed they were supporting not only a good and innovative and adventurous voice, but that we were supporting a person.”

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