More on Cox’s Big Week


On Thursday, I commented on the amazing week of Ana Marie Cox, former Wonkette editor and author of the recently released Dog Days. On Monday, she quit her day job. On Tuesday, her debut novel was reviewed in the New York Times. On Wednesday, a “mid-six-figured” book deal was announced. On Thursday, she was profiled in the the New York Times. However, it seems that her hot hand didn’t cool off with just those amazing experiences.

Also on Thursday, Ms. Cox was featured as an Op-Ed Contributor in the New York Times. Her piece Political Theater of the Absurd examines the downright theaterical elements of the growing Jack Abramoff scandal. “The case has half of Washington’s powerbrokers looking over their shoulder and the other half salivating for a parade of perp walks,” Cox writes. “And in Washington, a high body count gets everyone’s attention (except maybe the president’s). Mr. Abramoff’s connections seem infinite; attempts to follow the money give you something looking less like a flow chart than like spaghetti. Delicious, felonious spaghetti.”

So that was a pretty high-profile op-ed piece published on the same day as her profile. Now, this morning, I log on to check out what’s in this weekend’s book review, and what do I see? On the very main page of the Times website? Another book review.

This time, Christopher Buckley reviews Dog Days. Buckley is a bit more effusive than the other reviewers have been. “I don’t spend much time in the old blogosphere myself, and to be honest hadn’t clicked onto Wonkette until now,” he writes. “But if this sparkly, witty – occasionally vicious – little novel is any indication of Wonkette’s talent, then Cox ought to log out of cyberspace and start calling herself Novelette.”

Two New York Times book reviews in less than seven days. Unbelievable. I haven’t read the novel yet so I’m not dissing Cox in any way. Congratulations to her for having such a hot hand. I’m just truly amazed at this coverage. Her agent and publicist should get a bonus.

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