Great Discount to Literary Journals

Over at the Emerging Writers Network, Dan does a yeoman’s job supporting literature. He reads a ton, writes a ton, and doesn’t seek any sort of personal gain other than the joy of helping to spread the cause of good literature. And this time, he’s really outdone himself…

Dan worked diligently behind the scenes to set up a discount for subscribing to literary journals. He’s got some of the biggies, such as Ploughshares and Kenyon Review, and he also has some of the up-and-coming journals as well. All total, Dan secured discounts from 24 different literary journals.

What exactly is the discount? Pay for one less journal than you order. If you subscribe to three, then you only pay for two. If you subscribe to twenty, then you pay for nineteen.

It’s a great deal and a worthy cause. So many of us will get our first publications in journals like these so we need to ensure they have a future. Dan’s deal benefits the subscribers and the journals.

Check out this link to learn more about this fabulous offer. And while you’re there, check out all the rest of the good stuff that Dan does with the Emerging Writers Network.

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