The Velvet Planning a Re-Design


Some writers have fan forums dedicated to discussing their work. And some groups of aspiring authors have forums to chat about their emerging careers. But there aren’t many examples of forums that combine these two topics.

Which is why I’m such a fan of The Velvet, a community that grew up because of a shared admiration for the work of authors Will Christopher Baer, Craig Clevenger, and Stephen Graham Jones. From that group of fans, a number of really talented and dedicated writers made themselves known. The Velvet is an interesting place where people are encouraged, constructive criticism shared, street teams formed, and just cool discussions are held.

Now, the determined members of the Velvet are looking to overhaul the site. As such, they are seeking donations from like-minded folks. The donation period closes February 14 if you’re interested. But even if a helping hand isn’t possible for you right now, definitely swing by the forum. It’s a great place for lovers of dark fiction and neo noir.

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