Barry Hannah’s Long, Lost, Happy

It’s been a hectic late fall and early winter, so posts have been pretty light here at, as you’ve probably noticed. We’ll be back to a more normal schedule this week and then moving like clockwork in 2011.

But in spite of the busy days and all-nighters, I was so glad to spend Thanksgiving weekend with Barry Hannah’s Long, Lost, Happy: New and Collected Stories from Grove Press. Re-reading those classic Hannah stories, along with the previously uncollected pieces, was like catching up with an old friend. And best of all, the book has been getting a fair amount of attention from bloggers and critics. Here’s a rundown of just a few of the many posts about Hannah’s last book:

Bryan Charles’s take on Uncle Barry.
The Miami Herald review.
The Austin Chronicle’s review.
The review.
a book trailer on HTMLGiant.
the Observer’s take on the book.
Nathaniel Rich’s recollections for BookForum.

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