Timing for the Next Round of LeBron Books?

NBA superstar LeBron James’s recent announcement that he would play for the Miami Heat next season brings (thankfully) a close to one of the biggest media maelstromstrom in sports history.

So I’m wondering how long it will be before we see news of a “LeBron to the Heat” book sale.

World soccer icon David Beckham’s career moves have spawned some interesting books. John Carlin’s excellent White Angels: Beckham, Real Madrid, & the New Football was an amazing tale of the business implications of the world’s most famous athlete’s transfer. And Grant Wahl’s The Beckham Experiment documented the star’s move to the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007.

If someone was taking bets, I’d wager that we’ll see a “LeBron to the Heat” or “LeBron leaves Cleveland” book sold within 10 business days.

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