Sanjaya Signs Book Deal

Chances are, you’ve got a stack of rejection letters where agents say they just didn’t loooooove your manuscript enough. You’ve probably had instances of how editors passed on your book because they didn’t feel passionate enough to face the gauntlet of editorial board and marketing meetings. You’ve probably read articles where agents and editors use words like “passion,” “determination,” “champion,” and “I know I’ve found something when I stay up all night reading.”

All in all, it’s enough to make you think that people must be willing to sacrifice a kidney and an eye for your book if it is ever going to hit bookstore shelves.

So surely it will make you feel better to know that Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol just sold a book to Pocket.

According to Publishers Marketplace, the book will focus on Malakar’s “his life before, during and after finding fame on the television show.”

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