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Louis Bayard reviewed Matt Bondurant’s new novel, The Wettest County in the World for

The novel, based on Bondurant’s grandfather, deals with crime, corruption, and moonshine in the hills of rural Virginia. “Bondurant’s bootleggers are eminently touchable and, even in their worst moments, touching,” Bayard writes. “This is a lyrical and riveting book about ‘the dreams of wadded sums of cash, of heavy lumps of change in your pocket, the small stacks that speak of little dreams.'”

Amazon lists Tuesday, October 14th as the release date for this book so make plans to visit your local bookseller early and often. And be sure to check back here as I’ll have a lot more about Bondurant and his new novel in the next few days.

Click here to check out Bondurant’s website and click here to read my interview with him regarding his first novel, The Third Translation.

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