Detroit Lions GM Out

In what might surely be the most compelling sign that hell is indeed freezing over and that the end of days is nigh, Fox Sports reports that Matt Millen is no longer the general manager of the Detroit Lions.

I know this has nothing to do with books, but Millen’s tenure at the Lions seemed etched in stone. Despite being the worst team in the league since Millen assumed the helm in 2001, he enjoyed the job security that only incriminating photos could provide. Therefore, his dismissal is more shocking than the recent developments on Wall Street, the presidential campaign, or the fact that the new Beverly Hills 90210 was just renewed for additional episodes.

However, maybe this story will eventually take a turn into bookish matters after all. Millen displayed a Rasputin-like ability to survive a 31-84 record, mass fan protests, three awful coaching selections, and an accumulation of “year’s worst” awards that would make Sharon Stone.

So possibly Millen could write a book on job survival tactics. Team him up with any number of CEOs who lead woefully underperforming companies and you could have the definitive text on stuffing your pockets while sucking in epic proportions and being the laughstock of your industry.

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