New Year’s Eve Reflection


So before you get too far gone with your partying tonight, take a moment to reflect on your writing in 2007. What did you accomplish? What needs to be improved?

For me, 2007 was a pretty good year. I published a small piece in one of my favorite literary journals, Tin House. I also had some pieces in Stuff magazine. Which kinda made me question if I was the kiss of death for glossy rags since several have closed down after printing my work. But I guess if someone has to be the literary grim reaper, then I’m fine with filling that role.

I also received my first book publication, in a small way, with Rules of the Game. And I have two nonfiction book projects that are steadily rolling along.

Any evaluation of the past year has to also include the areas you should strive to improve in 2008. For me, I believe my biggest shortcoming this year has been a lack of focus writing-wise and therefore a certain amount of procrastination.

I wrote a ton of words this year. I don’t believe I declined or failed to jump at any writing opportunity which passed my way in these past twelve months. Which I believe is a good strategy at you get experience and build a literary resume. However, the negative side effect is that I was spread so thin that I don’t believe I focused on the key writing chores as much as I’d like. So my goal for 2008 is to be more judicious.

So that’s it for me. How did you 2007 writing go?

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