And Still More on Book Sales Figures

So I missed this article back before the holiday, but CNN provided sales figures for rock star books that ties nicely into our earlier discussion of how wide ranging book sales can be. As I’ve mentioned before, book lovers so rarely get any true sales figures (that aren’t Potter-related) that it’s difficult to know how a particular title is doing. The CNN article provided sales counts for some specific rock legend books.

  • Eric Clapton’s Clapton, currently #7 on the bestseller list where it has held a top ten position for 10 weeks: 525,000 copies
  • Slash’s Slash, currently #18 on the bestseller list: in excess of 100,000 copies
  • Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries, currently #24 on the bestseller list: 200,000 copies

The article also mentions that 2004’s Bob Dylan book, Chronicles: Volume One sold 425,000 hardcover copies.

More grist for the sales count mill…

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