A 10 Year, $30 Million Offensive Genius?


This has nothing to do with books, but I gotta say I’m just loving Notre Dame’s struggles. So far this season, the Fighting Irish are 0-3. They haven’t scored an offensive touchdown yet. They’ve accumulated a grand total of negative 14 rushing yards. They’ve given up 23 quarterback sacks. And they’re ranked dead last out of 119 Division 1-A teams in the scoring, offensive touchdowns, rushing yards, total offense, and sacks categories.

And it’s been only slightly less than two years since Notre Dame rewarded head coach Charlie Weis, then widely believed to be an offensive genius, with a monster contract extension for ten years and a salary in the $30 to $40 million range.

I’m afraid that my knowledge of Nortre Dame football history is pretty sketchy and limited to the years I’ve been watching sports. But I’m sure there are some great books about the school’s rich football legacy. Any Golden Domers out there that can make a recommendation on a good book?

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