The Opulence of Drug Diaries


Amazon says it’s not due to be released until next week. But my local bookstore had a big stack of Nikki Sixxi’s The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star on the shelf last night. My obsession with eighties metal, and Motely Crue in particular, are well known. So I snapped up a copy.

I had been told by people with inside knowledge that The Heroin Diaries is a helluva book. That it doesn’t even need the “celebrity discount.” It’s supposedly strong enough to stand on it’s own as a book, even if the author weren’t (in)famous. I read about half the book last night and I’ll have more thoughts on it when I finish.

But there’s no doubt that the publisher spared no expense on this book. Every single plage is illustrated and printed in three colors. Photographs adorn most pages. It’s an eye-catching design. If you’re into drug references, medical drawings, and Robert Williams-type art.

Even if you’re not a Crue fan, or you have no interest in reading about a yearlong descent into junkie hell, just flip through The Heroin Diaries and check out the design.

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