The Sideshow at LBC

Sideshow: Stories 

I’ve been out of the mix, but my colleagues at the LitBlog Co-Op have been hard at work promoting the Fall’s Read This! finalists. Up first, we have Sidney Thompson’s story collection, Sideshow. I strongly encourage you to head over to the LBC site and check out all the great discussion.

Dan Wickett, from Emerging Writers Network, kicked off the week with an explanation of his fascination with short stories. Dan also chats a bit about The Floater, a story about a man who desperately needs to replace his hunting dogs. Then, Levi Asher of Literary Kicks examines The Man Who Never Dies. Yesterday saw some guest blogging from the author himself and the rest of the week will be dedicated to more discussion of these fine stories and a podcast interview as well. And I’m definitely going to jump into the discussion later this week, so I’m looking forward to that.


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