McCarthy Gets Wired


Syntax of Things pointed out this absolutely mind boggling Wired magazine interview with Cormac McCarthy. It seems the legendary recluse has a fondness for the Santa Fe Institute, an organization “devoted to creating a new kind of scientific research community, one emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding the common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems.”

In this incredibly rare interview, the author “insists that his chief duties are ‘to take tea and have lunch,” McCarthy has become a fixture at SFI. On any given day, you might find him copyediting a scientist’s manuscript or at the typewriter working on his own books.”

Wow. So, I wonder how many English PhD candidates are going to suddenly start lurking around the SFI offices, hoping to grab a quote for their “Cormac McCarthy and Atavistic Violence in Southwestern Literature” dissertation?

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