Author Whups Hubbie Upside the Head


You know how on Cops, the spouses always seem to take up for the abusive husband? They call the police, but by the time the cruiser arrives, they’ve reconciled and are crying and holding hands as the officer leads the dude, who invariably has no shirt on, away. I guess this is the literary version of that.

UPI is reporting that in Yorktown, NY “Emily Hanlon-Tarasov, author of the British best-seller Petersburg, knocked her husband unconscious in their Yorktown home during an argument this week.”

Here’s the part of that article I love: “A few things began flying at the wall, and one of them was a telephone book,” her husband Ned Tarasov said, “and unfortunately my head moved into the space that the book was flying.”

Unfortunately, my head moved into the space that the book was flying? Uh, see, what had happened, officer, is that, uh, the book was in the process of projecting across the room… 

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