Conjure Up Some Demons

Demon Theory 

I spent most of the weekend scared shitless while reading Stephen Graham Jones’ Demon Theory. The official release date is April 18th so you’ll have to wait a bit. But this is a book well worth marking your schedules for and counting down in sort of a demented Advent Calendar way.

The book description from the outstanding folks at MacAdam/Cage is “on Halloween night, following an unnerving phone call from his diabetic mother, Hale and six of his med school classmates return to the house where his sister disappeared years ago. While there is no sign of his mother, something is waiting for them there. Something that has been waiting a long time. Written as a literary film treatment littered with footnotes and experimental nuances, Demon Theory is equal parts camp and terror, combining glib dialogue, intriguing pop culture references, and an intricate subtext as it pursues the events of a haunting movie trilogy too real to dismiss. There are books about movies and movies about books, and then there’s Demon Theory – a refreshing and occasionally shocking addition to the increasingly popular ‘intelligent horror’ genre.”

When someone from The Cage says it, you can take it to the bank. Or, in this case, maybe taking it to the grave is more appropriate. We’ll have more coverage of the book as it nears the official release date, but for now, consider yourself warned.

Check out Jones’ website for more information. And for more information on the coolest, most reliable independent publisher, MacAdam/Cage, check out their website to discover other great writers in addition to Mr. Jones.

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