Bountiful Publishing Opportunities on eBay


For anyone out there with dreams of becoming the next Maxwell Perkins or maybe Charles Scribner, there are plenty of acquisition opportunities on eBay right now.

For $700,000 you can purchase the copyrights for “three books. They are books on 9/11/2001. A story of courage under fire. One book is on domestic violence. A tragedy that needs to be prevented if possible. The last book is on the Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Not the O.J. trial. The actual murders themselves.” The auction entry says the buyer will have to “have to evaluate, edit, publish, and market the books yourself” but this chore is assisted by the concise nature of the publications. The 9/11 book is 46 pages long, the domestic violence text is 12 pages, and the murders book is 117.

Meanwhile, if you’re a would-be publisher who favors texts on alien visitation, then this UFO business opportunity might be something that gets your rocket ignited. For $300,000, it’s cheaper than the first entry and you even get the first three months free.  

More economical still, and a better fit to anybody who wants to give Black Lizard and Hard Case Crime publishers a run for their money is this entry for an unpublished crime novel manuscript by upcoming author. Coming in at $150,000 this is opportunity offers the buyer “all the screen rights, ebook rights, audio book rights, and every other right to market this book.”

I don’t think this is offered to ambitious publishers, but horror fans can pick up this original horror short story manuscript for $50,000 and enjoy over 275 pages of reading. “If and when this manuscript is published you will have the only signed copy in existence,” the seller states. 

This book has already been published, but if you’re a collector, you can snatch up this handwritten manuscript for $25,000. “In the 21st century, most writers use computers equipped with word processor software to produce their books,” states the seller. But this book “was written in longhand, and then typed into a computer by the author. I am offering this one of a kind, one time opportunity to the highest bidder. The purchaser of this article will gain a hand written, original manuscript, that there is only one of in the world.”

Finally, publishers are out of luck here, but film producers may want to take notice of this “fairly original movie concept in the genre of horror.” The bidding starts at $25,000 but you can buy it now for $50,000. “Upon winning my auction, I will email you my phone number and we can converse and talk about the story, and within a few days I’ll email you the movie that’s in my head but is just DYING to be shown upon the big screen!” the seller states.

Let the bidding begin!

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