Huge Deal for Zappa Kids Book

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Ahmet Emuukha Rodan Zappa, son of Frank and brother to Moon Unit and Dweezil, may very well be hosting the upcoming competition show But Can They Sing?, but he may not need the work for long. According to the VH1 website, the show “pits actors Morgan Fairchild, Joe Pantaliano, Bai Ling, Antonio Sabato, Jr, Michael Copon, model Kim Alexis, Carmine Gotti, heavyweight champion Larry Holmes and Latin entertainer/journalist Myrka Dellanos” against each other to see if any of these celebs can carry a tune. [As an aside here, am I the only one who finds it interesting that everyone else in VH1’s list is identified by their accomplishments as an actor or model or heavyweight champion, or journalist, with the one exception of the Gotti kid? Guess his resume still needs to have some job titles added to it.]

But Zappa isn’t hosting this show because he’s hurting for money. According to published reports, he sold the film rights for his kids book The Monstrous Memoirs of a Might McFearless to Disney and coproducer Jerry Bruckheimer for a reported $1.5 million. The deal was brokered by agents Helen Breitwieser at Cornerstone Literary and Jody Hotchkiss at Hotchkiss & Associates. The book tells the story of Minerva McFearless who keeps a journal of the monsters that she and her brother must defeat when they take off on a mission to save their father from the most dangerous creature in the universe. I don’t believe the book has been published yet, or at least I can’t find anything, but with a deal like that, the publishers are surely banging on his door now.

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