Drug Company Sponsors Novel and Hires Jayson Blair to Edit

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This is so strange that I have absolutely no idea of its veracity. But it’s a fun story anyway that Bookninja picked up. Evidently, a novel is being published called The Karasik Conspiracy. The plot is pretty straight-forward. A group of terrorists attacks the United States by poisoning low-cost prescription Canadian drugs purchased on the Internet by innocent American consumers. No big deal there since tons of conspiracy novels published everyday. But twist comes from the fact that the novel “received funding from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), one of the most powerful lobbies in the United States, as the result of actions, it says, of a ‘rogue’ employee,” according to the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. The article contends that the one of the co-authors said the strategy was “to scare Americans into opposing any amendment to existing legislation” that prohibits the import of prescriptions from Canada.

The story gets even more strange when disgraced reporter Jayson Blair is hired to edit the project. One of the co-authors remarks that “He seemed conscientious… I was impressed. Besides, this was fiction, which is something for which he clearly has talent.”

Weird, weird, weird. A conspiracy about a conspiracy book. Check out the entire story here.

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