Literary Knitting

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If book deals are any indication, then we should all snatch away Grandma’s knitting needles and take up the hobby ourselves. Publishers Marketplace reported not one, not two, but three book deals for knitting projects. All in the same day. Who knew?

–Debbie Bliss sold Cosy Knits, a collection of simple-to-knit and easy-to-wear handknits, featuring luxurious yarns in blends of cashmere, silk, and alpaca, to St. Martin’s.

–Wenlan Chia sold what I think are separate books, Big City Knits, Town and Country Knits, and Knit Kit, described as “sophisticated urban knitting patterns.”

–Kimberly Wrenn and Mary Watkins sold Threadbared, based on a popular website. Their project pairs vintage knitting patterns with commentary in a retrospective of the past and present of the craft.

So maybe the lesson for all of us aspiring authors is that instead of providing archane formulas for napalm like Chuck Palahniuk or esoteric ancient history conspiracies like Dan Brown, we just need to stick a pattern for knitting a shawl in our novels.

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