Giving a Shout Out for Myself

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This is a little self-serving, but hey, I gotta get the sales. Gots to get paid. So be sure to pick up the October 2005 issue of Sync. Patron Techie Saint John and I were part of an exercise in torture for the mag. We both appear as part of 12 Tests. 12 Hours. 12 Writers. The sadistic editors explain, “sometimes technology sucks. We took gadgets and tech to illogical extremes–and wrecked ourselves in the process. Here’s what it really feels like to do way too much of a good thing.”

One guy had to play an arcade game for twelve hours and one guy had to wear iPod ear buds for the whole time. Those weren’t too bad, I don’t suppose. But one poor soul had to spend twelve hours in the shower and another dude had to do his stretch riding a freaking Segway. John had to sit in a massage chair for twelve hours and I had to sit in front of the computer, testing USB gadgets, all day. Mine wasn’t too bad, I got to play with a kickass Boss GS-10 guitar effects system so that was cool. If you’re interested in a gadget that makes your old beat up Harmony that your folks got out of the JC Penney catalog sound like an orchestra or a space alien, the GS-10 is highly recommended.

Support your impoverished Slushpile folks and pick up Sync. It’s the first time my work has been in a magazine with 50 Cent on the cover so you’ll forgive me if I promote it just a lil bit.

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