Serves ‘Em Right

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Although the Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans books mentioned below seem to be legitimate, serious, and sincere efforts, we are often plagued by books by “authors” who just want to cash in on some tragedy and horror. You might remember our article about Michael Jackson jurors who signed book deals after acquitting the pop singer. Now, one of those authors, scorched from playing with fire, is suing to get out of his book contract.

The Santa Maria Times had a report that was picked up by Publishers Marketplace that stated “A Michael Jackson juror who last month announced a book deal and said he believed the pop star was guilty of child molestation has filed a lawsuit to break his publishing contract.” Ray Hultman was a juror who stated on Larry King Live that he believes Jackson “probably has molested boys.” After the trial Hultman signed a book pact with publisher Larry Garrison, owner of Silver Creek Entertainment.

However, last week Hultman and his wife filed a lawsuit in Superior Court in Santa Maria, claiming they were novices suckered into signing a book pact with the publisher. The suit contends that Hultman and his wife’s reliance on the publisher’s representations were due to “their aforementioned simplicity, naivet??, overly trusting natures, lack of sophistication and inexperience.” The lawsuit seeks to break the contract with the publisher and also seeks unspecified damages for mental and emotional stress.

I suppose I really shouldn’t gloat. Lawsuits suck and the last thing our court system needs is more greedy vultures taking up the judge’s time. But at the same time, this is what happens when someone decides to cash in. Maybe the fact that he was so simple and naive about the publishing business should have been a clue that he had no business “writing” a book. Read the entire Santa Maria Times article here.

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