First Katrina Book Deals Announced

The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long for the first book deals about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans to be announced. Luckily, these look like serious examinations of the city and the tragedy, as opposed to someone just wanting to cash-in on the horrors. Publishers Weekly reported on Tuesday that noted New Orleans historian and Tulane professor Douglas Brinkley has signed a deal with Morrow for a book about the hurricane and subsequent tragedy. The PW report states “the book will provide ‘analysis and narrative of the ongoing crisis’ as well as tell the stories of victims and explain the historical blunders that compounded the disaster.” Brinkley last appeared in the news in early 2004 with his account of John Kerry in Vietnam. Morrow is hoping for a quick turnaround on the book and announced a publication date in early 2006.

Publishers Weekly also reported that rumors are circulating about another prominent New Orleans author preparing for a book on the disaster. Michael Lewis, author of the 2003 hit Moneyball is said to be in the city conducting reporting. Lewis’ latest book, Coach is about his time as a high school athlete in New Orleans.

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