Glimmertrain Publishes New Bondurant Story

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Our longtime readers will probably remember our interview with Matt Bondurant. Our discussion with Bondurant revolved primarily around his novel The Third Translation but he has also published short stories in some of the nation’s most prestigious literary journals. I just stumbled across a new appearance of his over the weekend when I picked up the new issue of Glimmertrain. The magazine features a new story by Bondurant, entitled Telemetry.

And it starts off strong, no doubt about that.

    “I had two thousand milligrams of blue-green algae surging through my intestines when Scotty Marin’s mother called me at work for the fifth time. Her brother, the sheriff’s deputy, was going to kill me.

    I was on the kitchen extension, back by the dish station. It was the middle of the dinner shift and the place was steaming with clattering hordes of diners tucking into cheap pasta. I was holding a tray of drinks when Genny the hostess said I had a phone call. This was in the winter of 1994. I was stuck in Staunton, Virginia. My short-wave radio set, the most important thing in the world to me then, was in hock at Billy’s Gun and Pawn. I was in love with a hippie college girl who sold algae to pay for pot and booze.”

For more information on Bondurant, check out his website. And for more information on Glimmertrain, including submission guidelines, check out their site here.

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