BoD: Among the Thugs

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In 1982, literary editor extraordinaire Bill Buford was living in London, running the prestigious magazine Granta. He caught a train at a rural railway station in Wales and was soon over-run by soccer (or football to them) supporters who were methodically destroying everything in their path. Fascinated by what he saw, Buford spent the next eight years immersed in hooligan culture and he traveled with the supporters to Italy, Turkey, Greece, Germany, and all over Britain. He attended a National Front event, witnessed the robbing of a pub, and saw horrific acts of violence. Among the Thugs is an insightful and revealing look inside hooligan culture and examines the experience and attraction of crowd violence. It’s a fascinating and surprising read because the hooligans rarely turn out to fit the stereotype.

Pick up Among the Thugs here.

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