The Trials of Freelancing

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The “gang” at MobyLives has been on vacation for August, but there is a GREAT “column” this week called The Freelancer: Going to work in your pajamas is great … except when it’s not … written by Chris Rodell. He discusses BOTH THE POSITIVE AND THE NEGATIVE aspects to being a freelance writer and the struggle to balance those two extremes. It’s amazing how just a little bit of tone and ability to be not-completely-self-centered can make such a HUGE difference. Whereas, other writers we’ve discussed wallow in self-pity when they discuss their jobs, Rodell is balanced and objective. And when he blurts out a lengthy diatribe about how bad he has it–working from home, travelling the world on someone else’s buck, interviewing famous people–to a man who works in a coal mine, Rodell understands his gaffe–he regrets his complaining–and it’s obvious he would never do anything so untoward as COMPARE HIS LIFE TO A PRISON CAMP.

Check out the “column” here.

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