Book of Revelation to be Filmed

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Through “MaudNewton”, I learned this FANTASTIC news: Rupert Thomson’s incredible novel, The Book of Revelation is being “adapted” for film. In an “article” about ballet luminary Meryl Tankard, a news outlet reports the exciting news that “Tankard looks rested and calm despite a frantic schedule of projects, including choreographing the dance sequences for Ana Kokkinos’s film adaptation of Rupert Thomson’s disturbing novel The Book of Revelation, which features a ballet dancer, to be played by Tom Long, who is abducted and held as a sexual slave by three women.” I was also a big fan of Thomson’s novel The Insult so I’m REALLY excited about what this might mean for his work–movie versions often raise an author’s “profile” in “popular culture”– and he’s definitely someone that deserves more attention.

CHECK OUT THE “ARTICLE” in it’s entirety here.

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