The Truth Behind Trucker Hats

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This is probably hard for many of us to believe, thanks to the Ashton Kutcher-Paris Hilton-That Fez Guy-brainwashing our culture has endured, but the truth is that there really was a man who went by the nickname Von Dutch. And in spite of stupid trucker hats, expensive jeans, and all the other crap we know see emblazoned with that name, the real Von Dutch was a serious badass.

Von Dutch, whose real name was Kenneth Howard, was a Southern California beatnik hot rod artist, known for his originality and serious craftsmanship. Hopefully Pat Ganahal’s new coffee table book, Von Dutch: The Art, The Myth, The Legend will help restore some integrity to the overly-sold name. With more than 310 photos, the book traces the history of Von Dutch and SoCal hot rod and biker cultures.

Pick up a copy here but please, leave Fez at home.

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