Here’s a Ray Bradbury Story Just Waiting to be Written

This is a really good cause so I don’t want to joke too much, but dang, this just seems like it could be a creepy plot in a Bradbury story here. Maybe a Twilight Zone episode waiting to happen.

There were reports of a charity effort to benefit First Amendment Project, which defends the free speech rights of activists, writers and artists. On eBay, fans can bid on the chance to appear in books by John Grisham, Stephen King, Andrew Sean Greer, Michael Chabon, and others. The bidding starts on September 1.

I originally saw the eBay listing for this item that detailed all the writers and what they were offering to do for the winning characters but now I can’t find it anymore on the auction site. But here’s a CNN report of the effort in case you’re interested.

This could be a really cool, spooky story in and of itself. A fanatical admirer, spends his lifesavings to win a chance to appear in Joe Big Writer’s new novel. But somehow, he magically gets sucked into the novel, like stepping through the wardrobe or something, and all kinds of fun happens.

UPDATE: Here’s a link that should take you to the eBay auction listing. Click here.

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