Does Running a Literary Blog Count?

Seems Playboy is looking to hire an experienced writer/editor to serve as the magazine’s Literary Editor. This role is responsible for “attracting and working with fiction and non-fiction authors and literary agents, editing pages as assigned to ensure compliance with high editorial standards, gathering research materials to provide support for feature articles and providing editorial assistance to the staff as required.”

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years prior national consumer magazine writing or book editing experience for a major house.

But don’t you think Hef would accept my experience editing Slushpile? Probably not, but if one of you guys gets this job, then you have to publish my short stories. Call it a finder’s fee since I alerted you to this exciting opportunity.

You’d only have to work with a handful of writers, at least as far as fiction’s concerned. In the first five months of this year, I think Chuck Palahniuk had two stories. There’s usually at least one or two T.C. Boyle stories each year. There’s the college fiction contest winner. So it’s a pretty small group you’d have to deal with. Shouldn’t be a problem for you to add me to the mix.

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