BoD: To the Power of Three

Mystery novelist Laura Lippman is hardly a newcomer to the genre. Author of twelve books, she is nevertheless climbing the ranks of great crime writers with her latest novel To the Power of Three. This novel transports the reader inside the investigation of a school shooting. The “three” in the title is a reference to the triumverate of friends who become embroiled in this tragedy: one is the shooter, one is the victim, and one is the witness. It’s a fascinating, and frightening, look at horrible events that have become entirely too common these days.

With almost all the major mystery awards to her credit, Lippman spins a web that will keep you entrenched for days. Unless you’re like most and you devour the novel in one marathon sitting. Lippman appears at Square Books in Oxford, MS today so if you’re in the area, stop in and say hello.

For everyone else, buy To the Power of Three here.

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