Just When I Thought They Would Finally Shut Up

[Originally posted on Friday, June 17]

I???m sobbing as I type this because I just don???t think I can take anymore?Ķ

I hoped and prayed that we had reached a point to where everyone would just shut-up about the whole thing and we could get back on with our lives. So the autopsy results for Terri Schiavo were released and they seem to vindicate her husband, Michael. There was no proof of abuse and the medical examiner agreed with the other doctors who said that Terri???s tragic condition was irreversible. On the other hand, the family disputes the autopsy results and I???ve already talked to a couple of people that say ???well, how can the doctors know for sure????

I???m not here to argue the case from one side or the other. I just want it to go away. Sadly, that doesn???t seem like it???s going to happen anytime soon because the New York Post is reporting that Michael Schiavo is in New York shopping around a book proposal about Terri???s life to publishers. Represented by agent David Vigliano and co-authored by David Ritz, the book deals with ???the seminal case in the right to die with dignity story,??? the agent said.

Now, of course, we???re going to hear howls of protest from all the folks who vilified Michael Schiavo and the folks that said Terri could be saved. They???re going to point to this as proof that he???s only interested in money, just like he was after the life insurance policy and all that. They???re going to rant and rave about how crass this is and how he shouldn???t profit from being, in their opinion, a murderer.

And how are they going to do all this ranting and raving? How are they going to fight back and set the record straight? In a book, I???m sure. With a big contract, I???m sure.

I bet that Terri???s family signs a book deal within two weeks of Schiavo inking his contract.

I???m not picking sides here, both camps should just go quietly back to reparing their lives in my opinion. I just don???t think I can handle much more of this ???debate.???

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