Artistic Photos Capture Locations That Inspired Southern Fiction

The New Yorker’s website recently published a book review of Tema Stauffer’s photography collection Southern Fictions. Stauffer explores some of the places that influenced and shaped the work of William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and more. The article also shares one of the more memorable – if horrible – Faulkner legends. Suffice it to say that the Nobel Prize winner wasn’t always the warmest and fuzziest of dads.

“The beauty of these images is in their relationship not just to a specific writer but more broadly to the region at large, rousing pathos and pity through the weight of iconic nouns,” The New Yorker states.

Note, the photo included with this blog post is “William Faulkner’s Kitchen Curtains, Rowan Oak, Oxford, Mississippi, 2018″ by Stauffer.

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