Who’s worse, Trump or Omarosa?

It’s a trick question, they’re both horrible.

America met Omarosa Manigault Newman when she was a 2004 contestant on Trump’s “The Apprentice” (during what seemed like a much, much more innocent time). Omarosa played the villain, a role that didn’t seem to require much acting on her part, and except for expressions of sympathy after her boyfriend, Michael Clarke Duncan, died (after we all thought, “she was dating the guy from ‘The Green Mile?'”), Omarosa continues to play that role, switching sides when the plot requires it.

When she served as a senior White House staffer in the Trump administration, Omarosa gushed that President Trump would be ?the most powerful man in the universe? and that all critics would have to ?bow down.? But before you could say, “Kneel before Zod,” former senior White House staffer Omarosa has now published “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” where she now calls Trump a racist, misogynist and narcissist; a ?cult leader,? a ?little man? who is ?just this side of functionally literate,? with a son who’s a ?f?k-up? and a daughter whom Trump sexually obsesses over.

It’s difficult to tell who’s unhinged in this scenario. According to the Washington Post’s Carlos Lozda, “Manigault Newman declares that Trump?s reaction to the fatal violence in Charlottesville one year ago is what began to turn her against him, though it?s easy to conclude that losing a high-paying White House job may have done the trick, too … it?s useful to see how quickly and sharply a true believer can flip against the president, whether for principled or self-serving motives.”

Entertainment Weekly’s David Canfield writes, “an illuminating, pathetic response to that [media] climate?the 2018 tell-all in its purest, saddest form.”

In their review, The Independent says that Omaraosa revealed Trump might have something wrong with his mental health. (Tell us something we don’t know.)

This so-called tell-all doesn’t tell us anything we haven’t already heard, just cited specific incidents. Whether you believe them or not is your choice, though I do believe Omarosa when she claimed that Trump called Secretary of Education’s Betsy DeVos, “Ditzy DeVos.”

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