Just can’t stop the hard rock book train

There once was a time when book and magazine editors proudly said, “Metalheads don’t read.” But we now know that to embarrassingly incorrect as books by hard rock musicians continue to appear, and sell pretty well. Observers of the genre also continue to come up with new topics and perspectives for memoirs, essays, and critical examinations. (Yes, I’m in that crowd as well. I have some new stuff on our favorite guitar heroes from the era coming out soon.)

Publishers Marketplace reported that Tom Beaujour and Rich Bienstock have sold an oral history of “the hair metal era (1982-1992), told through the stories of more than 200 musicians, producers, managers, and others who were there” to editor Marc Resnick at St. Martin’s.

Time to update my ongoing list of hard rock books, which you can find here.

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