Book deal about reclaiming Polish property

If Slushpile was a cuisine, it would be a bizarro fusion food of a plate overflowing with Mississippi catfish and Polish sausage, chased down with a shot of Kentucky bourbon. Which is simply to say that Poland has a special place in our heart and backgrounds.

So we were intrigued to read the news of a book deal with a highly credential author and a fascinating subject set in Poland.

According to Publisher’s Marketplace, Menachem Kaiser’s Kajzer: A Quest for Memory, Property, and Treasure in Poland will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The project description states that the book focuses on the author’s “mission to reclaim ownership of the apartment building his Jewish family was forced to abandon during WWII, a search that expands to encounters with a bizarre subculture of explorers hunting for Nazi gold; their astounding connection to an unknown Kaiser relative who survived the war after years as a slave laborer who excavated a vast system of secret underground tunnels; and finally to controversial questions that challenge the meaning of reclamation and of family obligation.

Kaiser is a Fulbright Fellow and has an MFA from the University of Michigan so he has the cred to do justice to such an intriguing topic.

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