Daltrey signs book deal

Classic rock legend Roger Daltrey, vocalist for The Who, has signed a book deal with Henry Holt and Co. in the United States.

In some reports, claimed he had always resisted the urge to write a memoir, but that now he believes he has the perspective in his life to do so.

My question is, “Why wouldn’t any of these boomer icons sign book deals?”

Whether working with a ghostwriter or going solo (yes, some musicians do actually write every word of their books), it seems like a fairly easy payday for the rocker involved. Sure, I suppose some of them may have the integrity to refuse every single offer that doesn’t line up 100% with their interests and kudos to those folks. But most musicians, even the ones who would seem to be financially set, do so much in terms of tours, commercials, and other activities. I just don’t see how a book would be any different.

If some dude who stood in front a Marshall stack at the Isle of Wight Festival in the sixties has published a book, chances are pretty good that I’ve read it. Some are good. Some are horrible. But there are virtually no reasons for not doing one at this point.

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