If you read the news, you don’t need to read The Case for Impeachment

I love a good tear down of any person in office, regardless of political party. So I had high hopes for The Case for Impeachment by Allan J. Lichtman. Unfortunately, if you’ve been reading along during the rise of President Donald Trump, the book doesn’t have anything new to tell you.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you already know about Felix Sater, the Emoluments Clause, and Michael Flynn. There isn’t any new ground broken in Lichtman’s book. And since Lichtman strives for a balanced, objective tone, there isn’t a great deal of passion either. Kudos for laying out a case that sticks largely to the details. But the result lakes any passion or linguistic judo that you’d get from, say, Matt Taibbi.

All of which leads to a sort of ho-hum book. At no point in reading The Case for Impeachment did I feel the need to grab a highlighter. At not point did I want to rush to social media and say, “See! Look at this!” At no point did I want to argue with the author. I just never felt anything at all.

If you have suddenly returned to America from being a castaway on an isolated South Pacific island and the volleyball didn’t tell you about these news developments from your homeland, then yeah, The Case for Impeachment is a decent place to start. But if you’ve been following along, there isn’t a lot of new or impassioned arguments here.

[Disclosure: The book is published by Dey Street Books, which was known as It Books in a previous incarnation and published my titles.]

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