Are you sure Papa done it this way?

Business Insider linked to a video where bestselling author Tim Ferriss shares tips for creating habits.

In the piece, Ferriss suggests creating an incentive plan with a friend or using various coaching apps. He points to the example of business executives who paid each other for every missed work out as a way of accountability.

As a writer, I’m really torn on this kind of thing. On one hand, the notion of “life hacking” is really attractive to me. I like the idea of maximizing performance and being efficient about things. We all need motivation from time to time. Clearly, Ferriss is a master and a great role model for this concept.

On the other hand, there’s something overly cute and modern about it. Although their rivalry fueled Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s hard to imagine them kicking back at Harry’s Bar saying, “Hey, did you write today?” Different times, I suppose.

So what works for you? If you want to pay me a dollar for every time you skip a writing session, I’ll be happy to oblige.

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