New book deal sums up why I don’t read parenting stuff

Either I’m a horrible parent or parenting writing is too predictable.

I recently wrote about how I don’t read any parenting blogs. I also don’t read any parenting books either. It’s not that I’m uninterested in the subject, I just find that they are limited to either Frantic-Exhausted Parent Voice or they are Wonder Years voice.

Today, the great Publishers Marketplace brings us news of a deal that is precisely why I don’t read this shit. Just check out this doozy:

FOX & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt’s THROUGH YOUR EYES: My Child’s Gift to Me, illustrated by Jihyuk Kim, a companion to Take Heart, My Child: A Mother’s Dream, drawing on her experiences as a new mother and how she learned to view the wonders of the world through her child’s eyes; often as we race through life, we need the wisdom and perspective of a child to remind us what is important and what should be celebrated and remembered: the everyday joys, miracles, and simple pleasures of life.

Don’t blame Publisher’s Marketplace. They just report what agents, editors, and authors submit. They didn’t write that crap.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t have a national television show. I don’t have the platform that Ainsley Earhardt has. She’s accomplished a whole lotta shit that I haven’t. So I can’t knock her for any prominence or stature that she has achieved. And, maybe she’s the world’s greatest mom and really does think this way. God bless her.

I’m probably the asshole. But shit. Child’s eyes, everyday joys, miracles, simple pleasure of life… Those aren’t cliches that pop into my head when I’m thinking about parenting.

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