Living Writers with Most Film Adaptations

I had no idea the 2004 film Christmas with the Kranks was connected to John Grisham.

Over at LitHub, Emily Temple presents an interesting infographic and rundown on the living writers with the most film adaptations. I bet you won’t find the number one ranked writer all that surprising. I didn’t. But as you work down the list, you probably will encounter some entries that raise your eyebrows.

Back to Grisham and …the Kranks. The film features Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Ackroyd, and even Cheech Marin. According to IMDB, it was based on Grisham’s 2001 novel Skipping Christmas. Although I didn’t read the book, I certainly remember the title. I suppose I just hadn’t pieced together that the film was based on that particular work.

Anyway, I wasn’t shocked that Grisham was on the list of high volume film adaptations. But some others? They definitely surprised me.

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