The Donald Taught Me a New Word


Well, not actually Donald Trump himself. But rather this article, “Has Trump Killed the GOP?” on Politico.

In the piece, Jacob Heilbrunn states that “It?s precisely Trump?s lubricity that is allowing him to transcend the GOP?s parochial ideological battles.” And I actually did think, “is that a made up word?” Nope. It’s in the dictionary! Merriam Webster defines the term as “the property or state of being lubricious; also the capacity for reducing friction.”

Obviously the context basically gives away the definition. It’s not like I was shocked by reading the actual textbook definition. Rather, at first glance, I figured this was some analyst-made-up word like the football commentators who continually talk about “escapability.” It was nice to know that yes, this is indeed a legitimate word.

[By the way, absolutely zero politically — positive or negative — about this article is intended towards Trump himself. Take your political kvetching to the Huffington Post or somewhere.]


  1. Who knew The Donald could teach us anything? He doesn’t seem to read much. He uses one-syllable words like “huge” and “great.”

    I have an idea. If we all ignored him, maybe he’d go away! And go back to his TV shows and going to parties with his trophy wife.

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